Siemens called an obstacle to the import of Nord Stream turbines to Russia

According to her, “Gazprom” must provide customs documents for the import of the turbine in Russia. Earlier, Reuters wrote that the company does not give permission for import. The Kremlin denied this

The Canadian authorities have agreed to the transfer to Germany of the turbines for Nord Stream, which Siemens Energy is maintaining in Montreal, Siemens Energy told RBC.

“Any future maintenance work can be made easier: the Canadian government has already agreed that the turbines maintained by Siemens Energy in Montreal can be transported from Canada to Germany. Thus, at the moment we do not see a connection between the turbine and the shutdown of the gas supply, which was implemented or announced, — reported in the company.

They noted that there are not enough customs documents for importing the turbine to Russia, which the customer must provide— Gazprom. Siemens recalled that the German authorities provided the company with all the necessary documents for exporting the turbine to Russia at the beginning of last week.

Earlier on July 25, Gazprom reported that he received documents from Canada on turbines from Siemens Energy, but they still “do not remove the previously identified risks and raise additional questions.”


Turbine sent for repair to the Siemens plant in Canada, but could not return from there due to the sanctions imposed against Russia. Against this background, the pumping of gas through the Nord Stream decreased by more than half (from 167 million to 100 million cubic meters and later to 67 million).

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In the end, Canada agreed to return the turbine to Germany, and that— transport it to Russia. The unit arrived in Germany, Reuters wrote, but got stuck there due to the fact that Russia did not give formal permission to transport it to its territory.

The Kremlin denied this information. “This is complete nonsense, because Siemens knows very well where this turbine is installed. That is, this is just an absurd message from the sources, & mdash; said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

On Monday, Gazprom announced the decommissioning of another turbine at the Portovaya compressor station. Because of this, the daily volume of gas pumped through the Nord Stream will be reduced from 67 million to 33 million cubic meters. m (up to 20% of the design capacity).

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