The historian suggested that the US and China could go “on a ram”

“Large-scale armed conflict could break out”

Possible US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan could provoke a large-scale conflict between China and the United States, as Washington will not allow Beijing to “take” the island, after all, if the PRC succeeds, the United States will lose the status of world hegemon. Military historian Yevgeny Norin believes that both sides will not be able to “play back” either, since they made a lot of harsh statements.

Photo: AP

In an interview with, Norin noted that China and the United States, with their rhetoric, are bringing the situation closer when they will have to “ram” in the hope that someone will turn off. According to the historian, this is very dangerous, as it can lead to a large-scale armed conflict.

The expert noted that in this case, China will try to return Taiwan by force, and the United States will do everything to prevent them, since this is a very serious challenge for them. The historian explains this by saying that their hegemon status is at stake, at least in the public field, in the media space.

According to Norin, China and the United States will not bring the “case to sin”, and Pelosi will rather go to any another country in Southeast Asia. The historian believes that the speaker will not make “sudden movements”, since the visit to Taiwan was not officially discussed, and Washington and Beijing, in turn, will find common ground that will satisfy mutual interests.

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