Wings – ARMNHMR feat. Element & Graye lyrics

Lyrics Armnhmr – Wings It’s a little new See a pretty place and I’m better off without you Time can only heal I sold you white lies like it was nothing ’til it broke me.(wings) I feel the love floating all around us Only regretful that I was so misleading But my heart’s beating Feelings fleeting And now I spread my new wings out. I know I was wrong Didn’t even fix the pieces I broke But now it’s in the past Versuri-lyrics.info We learn from it, it’s how we grow I hope he gets that my lust was real It fleeted and now I’ve moved on To someone who makes me really feel I was 16, I was young. My heart’s beating Feelings fleeting And now, I spread my new wiiings outtt. ARMNHMR lyrics Video ARMNHMR

Oceans – ARMNHMR feat. Nkolo lyrics

Lyrics ARMNHMR – Oceans You’re not a ghost But when I’m alone and I get quiet That’s when I feel you by my side.(oceans) I won’t let this go without a fight I hope you know. You say you’re afraid no That’s when I’ll lose my way And my heart will change Hear you explain how Different from faraway It won’t be the same. Baby don’t lose me You’re not gonna lose me We’ll walk a lot to meet Even when there’s oceans in between. 2:40 in the morning And I’m waking up from the dream That you were right here next to me. We’re in different time zones And you’re getting tired of being alone But I’m not letting go. You say you’re afraid no That’s when I’ll lose my way And my heart will...