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Support authors. VK launches a new program for users

The start of the largest blogger support program was announced by the social network VKontakte. According to its terms the authors will receive 100% of the income for ad impressions. Thus, the company decided to hold professional authors. She will begin her work in the near future, the term of her  — until  10 April. Authors will be able to earn about 600 million rubles over this period using social network monetization tools. “We are seeing an active growth in the audience, the transition of bloggers and a large surge in the activity of authors on VKontakte. We consider it necessary to support as much as possible everyone who creates content on our platform. VKontakte has a large number of tools for creating, promoting and monetizi...

In law. Roskomnadzor entered Netflix into the register of audiovisual services

On December 28 & nbsp; Roskomnadzor completed the procedure for adding the American streaming platform Netflix to the & nbsp; register of audiovisual services. & laquo; LLC & bdquo; Entertainment online service & ldquo; ensured compliance with the requirements of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, necessary for its inclusion in the & nbsp; register of audiovisual services in & nbsp; as the owner of the audiovisual service Netflix in & nbsp; Russia. Roskomnadzor entered the Internet service into the & nbsp; ABC register & raquo;, & nbsp; & mdash; said in the & nbsp; department comments on December 28 & nbsp;. Online Entertainment Service, which operates Netflix in & nbsp; Russia, is part of the N...

“Corrosive, over-ambitious.” Who became the new CEO of VK?

The Board of Directors of & nbsp; VK * unanimously voted for & nbsp; appointment to the & nbsp; post of CEO of Vladimir Kirienko . This is the son of Sergei Kiriyenko , the first deputy head of the Presidential Administration of Russia, which gave evil tongues a reason to speculate about & nbsp; nepotism. In the & nbsp; industry, however, the candidacy of the new CEO is considered very successful. What is known about & nbsp; Vladimir Kiriyenko? The CEO position of & nbsp; VK became vacant in & nbsp; in early December, when it was announced that Boris Dobrodeev leaves the & nbsp; post and & nbsp; leaves the company. Almost immediately, a replacement was announced: 38-year-old Vladimir Kiriyenko, the son of the former Prime Ministe...

Time for education. New technologies were discussed at the conference

Europe's largest educational conference EdCrunch Glocal, dedicated to new technologies in education, has ended. More than 400 speakers from 25 countries shared their best practices in the field of pedagogy, they also discussed the future of education and the impact of new technologies, scientific achievements in the field of education. The conference was attended by more than 20,000 people online, more than 1,000 attended an offline face-to-face event at Rixos Almaty in Kazakhstan. Among the speakers were & nbsp; Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Public Relations at the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation Sergey Shatunov , scriptwriter, technology entrepreneur, founder of the Bazelevs film company Timur Bekmambetov , TV and radio host ...

VP Records Urges Mr. Lexx To Re-Examine Contract, Deejay Satisfied After Meeting

Mr. Lexx’s grievances with the largest independent label and distributor of Caribbean music, VP Records, has finally subsided after the entertainer took to social media to share that he had a successful meeting with the organization’s CEO, Chris Chin. Two days ago, Lexx thrashed the record label for what he classified as shady and conniving tactics pertaining to the label owning 145 of his songs. “How cruel is this? VP records is telling me they own the publishing for 145 of my songs for the rest of my life. Imagine the countless artists they did this to. Imagine how much artists died without a cent in their account and VP still collects their cheques. How is this legal?” Mr. Lexx questioned. Urban Islandz spoke to Natasha Von Castle, The Communications Director for...

Justina Valentine – NEVA

Yeah Oh, bitch you could never Oh, bitch you could never Blow a whole bag like me Make ’em all gag like me Oh, bitch you could never Go and run it up like me Screaming, “I’on give a fuck like me” Oh, bitch you could never Kick down the door like me Then drop it to the floor like me Oh, bitch you could never Do it on the spot like me Really come up off the top like me Oh, bitch you could never Switch your whole style up Watch the money pile up Cut ’em like a line up Bitch you could never Be a innovator, you a little hater I got ill behavior, you a imitator Bitch you could never Run with the boys like me I’m talking really bring the noise like me Oh, bitch you could never Really hold it down like me Go and take the crown like me Oh, bitch you could never S...

Kanye West and Elon Musk Set To Make Joint Clubhouse Appearance

Kanye West and Elon Musk are teaming up for a Clubhouse meeting, which is expected to be a must-listen for those who have access to the audio-only platform frequented by celebrities who are known to often share their thoughts unabashed. Clubhouse has become very popular among the iPhone community, which has given those users exclusive access to the app, which functions as rooms with hosts who guide and contribute to various discussions, and this latest meeting with Elon Musk and Kanye West will be no different. This isn’t the first time that the Tesla, SpaceX, and The Boring Company chief executive officer, Musk, has been on the platform as his presence is usually something that draws enough attention. However, he and the creative Kanye West butting heads is sure to be something many would...

CEOs won’t be punished if staffers test +ve: Govt

Dismissing fears of legal action against manufacturing facilities, including imprisonment of the CEO or temporarily sealing of the factory if an employee tests positive for Covid-19 on the premises during lockdown, the Centre on Thursday clarified that there is no such clause in the consolidated revised guidelines of April 15 and such apprehensions are ‘misplaced’.

Rana Kapoor’s ED remand extended till March 20

The former managing director and CEO of the private lender was arrested by the ED here on March 8 under provisions of the PMLA (Prevention of Money Laundering Act) as he was allegedly not cooperating in the probe related to the crisis at Yes Bank which has been placed under moratorium by the RBI.

Smino – TEMPO Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Oh (Yeah, yeah) Man my boy back in the bitch on some everythang shit We back in that muthafucka, you know what I’m sayin’? Yes Sir Nigga, I was gon’ say this Whole lot to do, feel me? Big SMI-OO You know what I’m sayin’? Let’s go Shit’s whatever [Verse 1] I eat pussy ’cause it’s good for me Pussy tighter than a cheerio I’m in London, they say “Cheerio” (Cheerio) In the city, niggas cheer me on Blunt bigger than a burrito Queso coupe, I got a tenant in case I swoop Way too much fun, I’m soundin’ like trigga truth, baby I don’t be trippin’ like that on the title, just take a trip, baby I don’t be drinkin’ like that, hope this Hen’ feeli...

Former Accenture executive Omar Abbosh in race to be Wipro CEO

Former Accenture top executive Omar Abbosh is among the frontrunners for the CEO job at Wipro, according to multiple sources. Abbosh was with Accenture for 31 years and most recently ran its $9 billion communication, media and technology (CMT) business as chief executive.

Nokia chief executive Rajeev Suri to step down

Nokia chief executive Rajeev Suri will step down in September and is to be replaced by Pekka Lundmark, until now the CEO of energy group Fortum, the telecoms equipment maker said on Monday.

Robert Iger makes surprise exit from Disney

Robert (Bob) Iger abruptly stepped aside as Walt Disney’s chief executive officer, handing the reins to theme parks head Bob Chapek after years of speculation over who would succeed the longtime CEO of the world’s largest entertainment company. Iger will stay to direct creative endeavours through 2021 as Chapek lands one of the most coveted jobs in entertainment.

Blacc Zacc – Carolina Narco Lyrics

[Intro] Still movin’ work like the Narcos Big racks on me, Wells Fargo Told y’all I feel like the Narcos or somethin’ All black diamonds like charcoal Met me a plug named Pedro Carolina drug dealer He introduced me to Diego, haha The Diego get me the peso, CEO motherf**ker (Kio, Kio) All white bricks like mayo, hold up [Chorus] Still movin’ work like the Narcos Big racks on me, Wells Fargo All black diamonds like charcoal Met me a plug named Pedro He introduced me to Diego Diego get me the peso The peso stackin’ like Legos All white bricks like mayo Still movin’ work like the Narcos Big racks on me, Wells Fargo All black diamonds like charcoal Met me a plug named Pedro He introduced me to Diego Diego get me the peso The peso stackin’ like Legos Al...

Victoria’s Secret CEO Leslie Wexner to step down

Leslie H Wexner will step down as the CEO and chairman of L Brands as the company announced on Thursday that it would sell a majority stake of its crown jewel, lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret, to a private equity firm. Wexner, 82, has led L Brands, which began with the clothing chain The Limited, for nearly six decades.

LinkedIn CEO steps aside after 11 years, says time is right

The LinkedIn professional networking service is getting a new CEO. Jeff Weiner will become executive chairman after 11 years as CEO of the Microsoft-owned business. Ryan Roslansky, senior vice president of product, will become CEO as of June 1. Weiner said the timing felt right personally and professionally, with a ready successor.

IBM names Indian-origin Arvind Krishna as CEO

The IBM board of directors elected Krishna as company CEO and member of the board of directors effective April 6. Krishna is currently IBM senior vice president for cloud and cognitive software and will succeed Rometty, 62 who will retire after almost 40 years with the company at the end of the year.

Jessica Dime – Disrespectful Lyrics

[Intro] I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful When I walk in the door I be deliberately disrespectin’ their ass [Hook] I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful I’m so disrespectful Disrespecting these hoes (shoes!) Disrespecting these hoes (clothes!) Disrespecting these hoes (cash!) Disrespecting these hoes (man!) [Verse 1] They envious and it’s obvious These hoes debating ’bout me like politics Call a mortician, every day I swat a bitch I don’t want for nothing, I never borrow, bitch My outfits f**king up their whole life The bands I’m spending, they never get their whole life Everywhere I go I’m smelling like a f**king pale So disrespectful, I dare these hoes to m...

Blacc Zacc – Chump Change Lyrics

[Intro] I still got the bag in the city, come and get it (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Yeah, yeah, Neeko, you made that motherf**kin’ beat? Ah, nah, you ain’t make that motherf**ker This ain’t nothin’ but some chump change, dog (Yeah, yeah) [Chorus] I just signed a deal for a muh’f**kin’ ticket (Ticket) I still got them bags in the city, come and get it (Come on) Catch me in the kitchen cookin’ dope ’til I’m dizzy (Dope) All this ice on me got a young nigga glistening (Ice) Bad yellow thing, I heard that pussy off the chain (Woo) I just got some brain, I don’t even know her name (Woo) I got Roll Wraiths, pussy boy stay in your lane (Lane) Went to Johnny Dang, spent a couple chump change (CEO muh’f**ka) [Verse 1] Went to Johnny D...

CEO pessimism over global growth at record high: Survey

CEOs are showing record levels of pessimism in the global economy, with 53% predicting a decline in the rate of economic growth in 2020, as per a survey. This is up from 29% in 2019 and 5% in 2018 – the highest level of pessimism since 2012. By contrast, number of CEOs projecting a rise in the rate of economic growth dropped from 42% in 2019 to only 22% in 2020.

Jay Fizzle – Introduction Lyrics

[Intro] Fah, fah Racks racks Fizzle Gang Gang, gang, gang, gang Whole lot of paper route business Yeah, yeah, yeah Paper route Taliban Big grape Crip [Chorus] Pockets on full, strapped with that forty, yeah I hear the little shit that you talkin’ I don’t sip lean, but I smoke weed, yeah Strong got a lil nigga coughin’ Leave a nigga dead, put him in the grave, yeah Put a lil nigga in a coffin Nigga you a bitch, nigga you a ho CEO want you gone, lil nigga I got you [Verse 1] I got two guns, ayy, try me, get pop popped I got two sons, play with them, no question, you got I got coupon, I got a nigga whacked for the cheap Ayy, big Grape nigga, big C, ayy Double G down to the feet, yeah Big Tigga my role model And Mad Max nigga off Shottas I feel like the plug, El Chapo You wa...

ICICI Bank seeks recovery of money from Kochhar

The ICICI bank has approached the Bombay high court seeking effect to "termination of appointment" of Chanda Kochhar as its managing director and CEO, and also sought recovery of various amounts from her.

Have no connection with Capstone: Rashesh Shah

Rashesh Shah, chairman and CEO of Edelweiss, in a letter to media has said that neither he nor his group has any connection with Capstone — a forex firm under investigation with the enforcement directorate.

K. Michelle – Supa Hood Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] B-beats for the stars [Verse 1: K. Michelle] 901 on my phone comin’ through Young nigga, street dude, 22 Sorry, I’m not ’bout to play wit’ you (I’m so sorry) ‘Cause if we fuckin’, you fuck off, then I’ma shoot (Shoot, yeah, shoot) Memphis niggas drive me crazy (Crazy) I may let him fuck and he ain’t even gotta pay me (He gotta pay) He be wit’ the shit, never Fugazi He don’t hesitate to shoot for a lady I roll his weed and how he like to buy my weave And he be off the drink, I need it I admit that I love this shit [Pre-Chorus: K. Michelle] ‘Cause the hooder the better, we badder together The richer the nigga, the pussy get wetter The hooder the better, we badder together The r...

Nicki Minaj – Suge (Remix) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Nicki Minaj & DaBaby] I had to do it (Pooh, you a fool for this one) Ha (Hm, hm) Oh Lord, Jetson made another one (Rrrh, oo) [Chorus: DaBaby] Hah, pack in the mail, it’s gone (Uh) She like how I smell, cologne (Yeah) I just signed a deal, I’m on (Yeah, yeah) I go where I want, I’m good (Good) Play if you want, let’s do it (Ha) I’m a young CEO, Suge (Yeah) (Yeah, yeah) [Verse 1: Nicki Minaj] Drug lord, Griselda I used to move weight through delta So stay in your place ’cause I Don’t wanna put you in a shelter I’m cooking up in the kitchen You could be my little helper Go to the table and ask ’em Do they want the flat or the seltzer? I go where I want I’m good My niggas’ll get th...

Rich the Kid – Racks Out Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] TheLabCook [Chorus] Niggas lyin’ ’bout they flexing, I done did that (I done did that) Niggas showin’ off, it’s cute, now where your bitch at? (Where your bitch?) I been chasin’ after that check, now I can’t miss that (I can’t miss that) Why you cappin’? signed 360 on your contract (Woo, woo, woo) Nigga, racks out (Racks out), ass out (Ass out) If the pussy good, she at the penthouse (At the penthouse) Thirty racks on Chanel, I done cashed out (I done cashed out) Whole zip of the cookie, I might pass out (Woo, woo, woo, woo) [Verse 1] Blew a mil’, I done did that (I done did that) Put my wrist up in the freezer like an ice pack (Ice, ice, ice) He got two hundred thousand for that contract (For...

Russ – September 16 Lyrics

[Chorus] I don’t know why we even tried this in the first place But it all comes back to love Yeah, it all comes back to love (na, na, na) I been trying to do my best in the worst way ‘Cause it all comes back to love Yeah, it all comes back to love (na, na, na) [Verse 1] Met back in our twenties Ex-wife wanted money You still wanted me back then but now you do not love me No affection, no respect It’s been too long since a check came my way Not the same ever since my father’s death No excuses, yeah I know I been trying, I been trying June I’m fine, kids I’m fine I been lying, I been lying So much pressure, I can’t sleep Everything about me aching It’s so hard to accept my kid bringing home the bacon I’m at fault, I’m a loser, best...

Rich The Kid – Can’t Afford It lyrics

[Intro: Rich The Kid] You know what I’m saying, I know they doubted me Counted me out, you know what I’m saying Bossed up, real CEO though, read about it [Chorus: Rich The Kid] Suicide doors, go up (skrrt) They ain’t wanna see me blow up (what) Huh, from the Mazi to the Bentley trucks (Bentley trucks) Off-White with the Gucci, I might switch it up (yeah, yeah) Came up off a sill, sign my deal in the same week (huh) Put my wrist on chill, AP real, that sh*t ain’t cheap Amiri, my jeans fit a hundred thousand I’m the sh*t, like a toilet, why you flexing you can’t afford it (huh) [Verse 1: Rich The Kid] Huh, I know I’m winning but they doubted me (doubted me) Niggas thought that I was playing, I’m the prodigy (what) Diamonds cooler than a cooler,...