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Madison Cunningham – Hold On Lyrics

[Verse 1] They hung a sign up in our town “If you live it up, you’ll never live it down” So she left Monte Rio, son Just like a bullet leaves a gun With her charcoal eyes and her Monroe hips She went and took that California trip Oh, the moon was gold and her hair like wind Said, “Don’t look back, just come on, Jim” [Chorus] Oh, you gotta hold on, hold on You gotta hold on Take my hand, I’m standing right here You gotta hold on [Verse 2] Well, he gave her that dime store watch And a ring made from a spoon Everyone’s looking for someone to blame But when you share my bed, you share my namе Well, go ahead and call the cops You don’t meet nicе girls in coffee shops She said, “Baby, I still love you” But sometimes there’s ...

Lil Nas X Exposes Tekashi 6ix9ine For Sliding In His DMs Twice

Lil Nas X shares screenshots of Tekashi 6ixine sliding into his DMs. 6ix9ine loves trolling and seems to be enjoying the publicity and free press, but this time he is getting a dose of his own medicine. Country rapper Lil Nas X surprised his fans on TikTok on Thursday when he shared a video of himself and included a screenshot of the DMs he received from the rainbow-haired rapper on Instagram. Tekashi 6ix9ine didn’t message Nas X once, but on two separate occasions and both times, he did not get a response which probably hurts. Most of the rappers in the game right now are ignoring him. The first message was sent on October 8th last year saying, “Yo.” The second message was sent on February 16th saying, “Gonna be in ya city soon what you doing lol?” On both oc...

Al2 El Aldeano – Llorar Es Un Lujo Espiritual Lyrics

Todos quietos Que hoy no vengo a impresionarlos Hoy vengo con algo dentro, que debo exponerlo y darlo A conocer Pero para lograrlo, necesito que confíen en mí Solo así podré ayudarlos Y sacarlos de este infierno tan cochino, que hemos construido Para vivir como cretinos Si hoy me deprimen Es porque sé que con mis versos Aún no he logrado penetrar el metal tras sus pechos Derechos humanos, sin humanos derechos Ni derechas manos que a lo sano nos saquen provecho Dime que has hecho Panoramix Poner 23 y 12 como la calle 8 de Miami Gracias por la educación, por la medicina Por la disciplina, y por los lápices made in china Por el maltrato a los negros En un país donde el deporte sí Pero un pasaporte no Es derecho del pueblo Ciudad de locos y borrachos Que solo piensan en beber y resolver todo a...

‘FDI rule tweak shouldn’t worry any country’

Days after tweaking FDI rules, India on Thursday said no country should be worried about the new regulations. China has strongly objected to the change in rules, which makes it mandatory for countries sharing land boundary with India to invest through the government route.

Changes in FDI rules don’t violate treaties: India

A day after China’s outburst over the change in foreign direct investment policy, India on Tuesday hit back at its neighbour, saying the amendment did not violate any global commitment as it did not bar investments from across the border but only mandated prior screening of proposals.

India to grow 1.9%, global eco to shrink 3%: IMF

The latest IMF forecast puts India as one of the fastest growing major economies even in the midst of the Covid-19 devastation, although it will be the slowest pace of expansion since the 1991 balance of payments crisis. IMF said China is expected to grow by 1.2% in 2020-21 and rebound to 9.2% next year. The Indian economy too is projected to expand at 7.4% next fiscal as the impact of Covid-19 is contained.

India to boost drug ingredient output to pare China

The government has aggressively begun implementing a policy to ramp up local output and emerge as an alternate to China, according to people familiar with the plan who asked not to be identified as discussions are not public yet.

Starbucks competitor Luckin apologises for fraud scandal

Luckin Coffee, China's biggest rival to Starbucks, apologised on Sunday after it revealed a top executive may have faked 2.2 billion yuan ($ 310 million) worth of sales in 2019. "The company retains the right to take legal measures against those suspected to be involved, it will not shield them or be lenient," Luckin Coffee said in a statement on Weibo Sunday.

AI to fly cargo flights to China for medical supplies

Air India will operate regular cargo flights between India and China from Friday (April 3) to transport “critical medical equipment and supplies”. The airline will establish a “cargo air-bridge” with China for the purpose.

Exports rise for first time in seven months

Data released by commerce dept on Friday estimated rise in exports went up 2.9% to $37.5 billion in February, led by shipments of oilseeds, electronic goods and iron. But there were signs of a slowdown in segments such as iron ore, where China is a key market, with the growth rate moderating to 38% in February compared to an over 105% jump the previous month.

Desi guests keep hoteliers smiling

So with the coronavirus illness that broke out in China going global, hoteliers are not very worried about its impact on the business as foreign travellers do not account for the bulk of their clientele. The ratio between foreign and local guests has changed from 50:50 in the past to 30:70 now. However, virus spreading in India is a bigger concern for hoteliers.

‘Trade impact of coronavirus for India at $348m’

The trade impact of the coronavirus epidemic for India is estimated to be about $348 million. Among the most affected economies are the European Union ($15.6 billion), the United States ($5.8 billion), Japan ($5.2 billion), South Korea ($3.8 billion), Taiwan Province of China ($2.6 billion) and Vietnam ($2.3 billion).

Emirates asks staff to take 1 month unpaid leave

Major international airline Emirates is asking staff to take unpaid leave for up to a month at a time due to the rapidly spreading coronavirus that has led to flight cancellations around the world. Emirates has cancelled flights to Iran, Bahrain and to most of China because of the virus.

Coronavirus may impact Q4 GDP by 0.2%: Report

The coronavirus epidemic can impact India's March quarter GDP (gross domestic product) growth by 0.20 per cent as imports from China for crucial sectors have got affected, a foreign brokerage said on Monday.

Ygtut – Prophecy Lyrics

[Hook: TUT] I’m back on this microphone Y’all don’t even understand what kind of life I’m on Walking through the valley with my Nikes on Prophecy – I had to go and get my psyche on Damn that nigga TUT and K be making songs I remember making plays inside of vacant homes Make the wrong turn you might not make it home I’m trying to make a million dollars, it won’t take me long [Verse 1: TUT] I’ve been looking for truth, not sure if I’ll ever find it Sleep with the enemy and kill her at the top of a climax Flee to a different climate, I’m shining like freshly polished Silver ware at the diner, breaking out the good china I’m as fresh as my line up, working from Monday to Sunday Feed the team like a coach at CiCi’s pizza o...

Supplies of electronics feel the pinch

The market for mobiles’ accessories and other electronics devices has started to feel the pinch of the coronavirus outbreak as restricted supplies from China are resulting in shortages on the retail front, adding to woes for sellers.

Bad Sounds – Zacharia Lyrics

[Verse 1] Zacharia Zacharia Anxiety messiah You’re a bad babysitter But good at being quiet Zacharia Zacharia, Zacharia [Verse 2] Yeah it’s cheap, it came from china Your stomach liner You’re the kind that gets weak at the knees And you ramble when you start to speak [Chorus] Zacharia, liar I feel where you’re coming from Zacharia, liar Like you, I was born in the baby boom [Verse 3] Zach-of-mia, Zacharia It’s fine you’re tired There might be something good on TV And she knows it’s cheap it came from china Your stomach liner You’re the kind that gets weak at the knees And it knocks you off of your feet [Chorus] Zacharia, liar I feel where you’re coming from Zacharia, liar You know I was born in the baby boom Zacharia, liar I feel where...

Jimmy P. – Vais Alinhar Lyrics (feat. Djodje & Nelson Freitas)

[Verse Jimmy P] Todas fazem cara feia Tu tens o ritmo da selva nas veias Ao teu lado elas sabem que não passam do resto O balancé das tuas ancas em nada é modesto E quando esse booty faz um all around Todos ficam c’os olhos em bico, china town Se alinhas all good baby ‘tou nessa Fala comigo porque brain is the new ass [Pre Hook Jimmy P & Djodje] Tu vais e vens p’ra me confundir Se me vires por aí diz-me Afinal diz se ficas ou não Não vou perder o meu tempo em vão Tão diz-me só [Hook Nelson Freitas, Djodje & Jimmy P] Se vais alinhar Vais alinhar Se vais alinhar Vais alinhar Let me know how you feel about it Se vais alinhar Vais alinhar Se vais alinhar Vais alinhar Yeah, let me know [Bridge Nelson Freitas] Pullin’ up on you no warnin’ Messin’ it u...

Pedro Infante – Fiesta Mexicana Lyrics

Desde el campo en que he nacido Vengo a echar una visteada A la fiesta de mi rancho Rebosante de ilusión A las mujeres bonitas Traigo flores perfumadas Y a los charros cumplidores Traigo mi mejor canción Ay, que bonita es la fiesta del rancho Donde huelo al aire puro A retama y a limos Donde un beso sabe a gloria Debajo de un sombrero ancho Y nos cobija un zarape Corazón con corazón El jarabe zapateado Saca astillas al tablado Y el mariachi entusiasmado Lanza sones sin parar El palenque se reboza Con la sangre de un tapado Y una china coquetona Busca amores al cantar Apuéstenle al gallo giro Que va contra el colorado Este gallo nunca pierde Pues lo traigo bien calado Hagan la apuesta señores Y aprovechen la ocasión Que al cabo a los ganadores No les cobro comisión Ay, que re chulo es el ...

NPA relief likely for cos hit by coronavirus

The government is going to seek a relaxation in rules for classification of bank loans to a certain set of companies as a “sub-standard” asset, citing difficulties faced by them. These entities are engaged in export and import, or are those that depend on raw materials and inputs, from China where businesses have been impacted due to the coronavirus outbreak.

AI, IndiGo extends China flight suspension to June

Air India and IndiGo have extended their flight suspension to China. AI’s Delhi-Hong Kong daily and Delhi-Shanghai (six times a week) have now been suspended up to June 30, instead of the earlier expected resumption in March-end. Similarly, IndiGo’s Chengdu and Guangzhou flights have been suspended till June 14.

ICRA cuts outlook on Indian pharma

ICRA has revised its outlook on the domestic pharmaceutical industry from stable to negative in view of the lockouts in parts of China, amid the coronavirus outbreak. Of the total imports of active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates into India, China accounts for 65-70%, while in specific APIs, the dependence is as high as 80-90%.

Coronavirus to have limited impact on India: RBI guv

The coronavirus outbreak will have a limited impact on India but the global GDP and trade will definitely get affected due to the large size of the Chinese economy, RBI governor said. The deadly virus has brought a large part of the world's second-largest economy China to a standstill and its impact has been felt across industries.

Sensex surges over 350 points; Nifty above 12,000

Equity indices on Wednesday started on a higher note with benchmark BSE sensex rising over 400 points in opening session in line with Asian peers as global investors weigh China's measures to prop up the coronavirus-hit economy.

Paracetamol rates up 40% as coronavirus shuts China

India is facing the ripple effects of shutdowns in China with production of medicines being hit as supply chain disruptions prolong. Prices of paracetamol, the most commonly used analgesic, have jumped by 40% in India, while the cost of azithromycin, an antibiotic used for treating bacterial infections, has risen by 70%, said Pankaj R Patel, chairman of Zydus Cadila.

FDI into India may see greater scrutiny

India is considering closer scrutiny of foreign direct investment in sectors crucial to national security, a top government official said, as the country looks to tighten oversight amid growing unease about China’s acquisition of tech assets.

Pharma industry has 2-3 months stock of Chinese API

Describing the situation in terms of raw material import from China as "grim," India Pharmaceutical Alliance (IPA) said the Indian Pharma Industry has stocks of active pharmaceutical ingredient (APIs) for two to three months only.