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Outlawz – Lessons Of Legends feat. Conway the Machine & DJ Premier

Intro: There’s no justice, it’s just us Watching your back, it be a must There are no words that can express how I feel Even though, I know I act crazy Go in the ash trays, spark the weed up My alias They call me Hussein Fatal, it’s a two-game table Scott La Rock died tryna break up a fight They caught my nigga Pac, through the door at the light They hit B.I.G, through the door at the light Was that a coincidence? Or two planned hits My brother Yaki Kadafi took one in his face By somebody he knew, stretched in the project hallway Fatal car flip, he got ejected the front windshield Broke most of his bones and his neck

2Pac – Troublesome ’96 (Long Outro Version) Lyrics

[Intro] Troublesome nigga Hahaha, troublesome 19-motherfuckin’-96 Let it be known nigga Boss of all bosses, Makaveli [Verse 1] Menacin’ methods label me a lethal weapon Makin niggas die witnessin’ breathless imperfections Can you picture my specific plan To be the man in this wicked land underhanded hits are planned Scams are plotted over grams and rocks Undercover agents die by the random shots We all die in the end, so revenge we swore I was all about my ends, fuck friends and foes Me, a born leader, never leave the block without my heater Got me a dog and named her my bitch nigga eater What could they do to me that little brat Shit them niggas that shot me is still terrified I’ll get they ass How can I show you how I feel inside We Outlawz, motherfuckers can’t kill my pride Niggas talk ...

The Game – Heaven 4 A Gangster Lyrics

[Intro] Can’t forget about my OG Heron My nigga’ Montreal My nigga’ 2Pac Hussein Fatal And Kadafi [Verse 1] It’s like riding down Greenleaf Dre Day, smokin’ green leaf (uhh) Draco’ in the front seat And just to think, I made all this off one key Hurricane Two feet in Compton, one deep Can’t ride with me, ‘less I’m Pimp C and you Bun B My flag ain’t got no stars on it, fuck my country Get your toupée knocked off tryin’ Donald Trump me I’m the OG to the YG’s You ain’t seen what I seen My cousin Tasha shot in the stomach, pregnant at 19 She died, but the baby kept stompin’ That how hard us little niggas come up Born and raised in Compton We earned this shit, learnt this shit City used to be all white Loo...