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Camila Cabello – Omg Lyrics

CAMILA CABELLOOmg Lyrics Baby what’cha say? I ain’t here to, I ain’t here to conversate Baby, I don’t play From Miami, Cojimar, and LA [?] [?] Guarantee you’re gonna wanna leave with me I got that la la la la Pull up, pull up, pull up straight from Tokyo You cannot believe it when we come through (Oh) my God, you look good today (Oh) my God, you look good today Back up, back up, back up do it slow-mo Yeah she drop that, bounce back like a yo-yo (Oh) my God, you look good today You look good today Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God

Vic Mensa – Omg Lyrics (feat. Pusha-t)

VIC MENSAOmg Lyrics (feat. Pusha-t) Pullin up with the coupe (Oh my goodness) Must’ve done something with the roof (Oh my goodness) You see the look of stupid on the stoop (Oh my goodness) I would take notes if I were you (Oh my goodness) This was designed with the stars, the square, the cross So ain’t no shootin’ off Smilin’, with 50 karats in my jaw f**k the law It’s a shame nigga, rhyme, nigga Love crime It’s a shame they let us jump out of Bentleys with dirty vans Hit the stage for 15 minutes, get 30 bands Swiss bank account,’ clean money, dirty hands With some hood niggas that’s ready to bang with the Klan Since I came in this shit, made my name a name brand French kissing bitches in Paris, clubbing like a caveman We threw up the pyramid...