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Project Pat – Hollywood Bay Bay Ambassador Interlude 1 Lyrics

[Intro] Wad up dog It’s the big hummy baby on the check in We back around from one more go round f**k Nigga Street God, Volume 1 Hey Scream, You ready Nigga We got to bless the streets Nigga Brought to you in part by Real Niggas incorporated Salute to my Nigga!

Jayy Grams – Real Nigga Hours

[Hook] It’s Real Nigga Hours all day (Yeah) around Real Niggas in the Bando whippin’ Bricks bustin’ them pounds Real Niggas since Day 1, no, I won’t change now If you ain’t workin’, you ain’t jerkin’ might as well lay down ‘cus it’s Real Nigga Hours ‘cus ‘cus it’s Real Nigga Hours It’s it’s Real Nigga Hours Ba- Ball all day I don’t get a break ‘cus it’s Real Nigga Hours [Verse 1] I wake up finessin’ I go to sleep when I can Every time I do my count up Yeah I feel like the man Difference between me and you? You can’t [?] like I can Just ‘cus your Nigga don’t put you on don’t mean you head on the man I, I, I told them what it was, just give me a little tim...

Jerreau – Hunt & Trap (Never How You Plan Album) letras

[Intro] Un [Hook: Jerreau] Hunt and trap all night with all of my niggas How would you figure, we get figures? I told her point to a real nigga She point to me, like you the realest Hunt and trap all night with all of my niggas How would you figure, we get figures? I'm inspired by everything that you don't see Real Niggas do real things [Verse 1: Jerreau] Posted on the block, nigga shoot your shot Get that shit out of here, nigga, I think that I'm Pac Leave your ass caput You should read a book, I was double booked Artist to artist, I did for the look I wasn't underrated, nigga, I was over-looked Nigga, you just got a good look I been car shopping all my life, I been through a lot I don't fuck with the police, but that Porsche I'm a cop Never happens how you plan...