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Caribou – Sunny’s Time Lyrics

It all found me since I've been gone I'll be back when this is all done But don't you worry, that's not your style It makes me happy when I see your smile

Dove Cameron – My Once Upon a Time Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Here you are alone, and you deserve it You’re friends have turned to stone And that’s on you You had a cost deserve but did you serve it Or did you see yourself in a way that wasn’t true [Pre-Chorus 1] This is not your father’s fairytale And no, it’s not your mother’s fault you fail So when you’re story comes to light Make sure the story that they write [Chorus 1] Goes once upon a time a girl tried harder Once upon a time she tried again Once upon a braver choice She took a risk She used her voice And that will be my once upon a time This time [Verse 2] Why tell all those lies? You feel unworthy Like there isn’t salted ground for you to stand But a sacrifice is not a firm foundation You can not bu...

Key Glock – Once Upon a Time Lyrics

[Intro] Glock Big Glock Sosa 808 got this bitch knockin’, nigga, ayy Glizzock, the fuck? [Chorus] All these damn sticks make a motherfucker back back (Get back) All this damn money in my pockets make my pants sag (Money) Flexin’ with these racks, your bitch put me on her Snapchat (Snap) I don’t want your ho, no, my nigga, you can have that (Uh) Once upon a time, this lil’ nigga named Glock (Glock) Got paid every day but he never punched a clock (No) So he bust a couple plays, now he ran up his guap (Guap) A couple niggas tried to play so they got they ass shot (Guess what?) [Verse 1] Carbon on me, yeah (One-five), choppers over here (Yeah) Ice my neck and ear (Ice), yeah, my shit is clear (VS) Flexin’ with no gym (Flexin’), I’m ballin’, broke...