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Lil’ Troy – Chop Chop Chop Lyrics

LIL’ TROYChop Chop Chop Lyrics {Chorus} when we are at the top them blades go chop, chop, chop all the time busin rymes when we are at the top them rems go chop, chop, chop just listen se how we glisten.[repeat1x] Verse1 Nas yo my boy big troy is choppin the blades ridin teenaged rems on a ’02 escalade see my stelo it brings heat though cause my 9 still gully wit ice im a hustler 4 life cause my name is nas capital M lil’/s pass it over to troy my hood street is the best Chorus yo you know it my guns pop I dont stop my lyrics is ill plus the J’s laced locked im a baller baby when it comes to chops a phat house and killer rhymes I love them rocks.